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Teach employees "on their job" without having to go to a classroom.

Learning should never be an extra step to take. Learn only what you need for your job by a context-driven learningsystem. Completely personalized to your needs in your own software version and software language. 

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Do you love learning? Do you enjoy managing projects and assisting customers?

Then you are who we are looking for!

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Quick Skills our journey

SEP 2019: Classic e-learning for Microsoft Office available.

JUN 2020: Start development Ortiz for Excel.

JAN 2022: Start pilots Ortiz for Excel.

FEB 2022: Start development Ortiz for Word.

MAR 2022: Launch Ortiz for Excel.

JUN 2022: Partnerschip with Syntra West Group

AUG 2022: Launch Ortiz for Word.

SEP 2022: Launch Ortiz for PowerPoint.

NOV 2022: Partnerschip with CLB Group.

JAN 2023: To be continued... ask our CTO.