Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of Quick Skills apply to all agreements between the customer and Quick Skills.

By registering, the participant acknowledges having read and accepted the general terms and conditions.

The agreement activated upon registration by the customer can be terminated at any time in accordance with the general terms and conditions of Quick Skills.


Quick Skills, part of E-Coaching BV

E-Coaching BV

BE 0645.862.424

Address: Geuzesmissestraat 25B, 8880 Ledegem (West Flanders), Belgium

Phone number: +32 (0)473 82 33 51

Email address: hello@quick-skills.io


Each participation in a course is to be paid by bank transfer according to the guidelines that the customer receives via email from Quick Skills.

Quick Skills prioritizes sustainability and therefore does not work with paper transfers/invoices. All correspondence takes place via email to the email address provided by the customer.

Payment must be made before the login is available. If this is not the case, an administrative fee of 25 EUR excl. VAT will be charged.

If payment is not made after 3 reminders, a third party will be asked to collect the payment. The customer bears all the costs of this.


If the customer cancels the agreement and therefore renounces the registration for the onboarding of the program, or pays a week before, they will be charged an administrative fee of 40% of the invoice amount.

Each payment of an administrative fee will be communicated to the customer by Quick Skills via email. The customer pays immediately by bank transfer with the reference number specified.

If the customer terminates an ongoing agreement (started programs), the full amount will be paid, and no funds can be recovered.